Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabric, Florals, and Home Decor

My friend Karen Spratt Skillern and I spent an entire day just hanging out and catching up on old times last Friday.
Our 30 year class reunion will take place this coming August.
Karen is a talented florist and the owner/operator of Sassy Spratt, a Fabric, Floral and Gift Shop located at 118 Maloney Way in Mt. Sterling, Ky.
What is so cool is that Karen and I are nursery mates. I was born April 20 and she was born the very next day at Mary Chiles Hospital, so we were in the baby nursery together and our moms were in the same recovery room.
Love these bright colorful handbags!!
Karen fixed up this cute little gift bag for a little girl's birthday. Soooooooooo Cute!
 A beautiful spring wreath!! This one was sold.

Just a small sampling of what Sassy Spratt has to offer.

This is Karen working on a
cute little gift basket. Karen might want to kill me for posting her photo...LOL
Oh, and Sassy Spratt is have a huge sale on fabric right now.