Monday, December 27, 2010

Photographing the Clinton's......yea Bill & Chelsea

I may have missed Bill stoppin by the DQ in Fleminsburg, actually I did see him exiting from the back door and makin a run for his SUV, holdin' tight to his O'Boy!!, but I was at the Mason County Event and got to photograph the man up close and personal...haha......and then when Chelsea stumped for her momma Hillary at Caproni's on the River, well I was right there. Now, Chelsea was so very kind, but that one Secret Service feller, kept his eye on me. I reckon he thought I was plannin' on kidnapping Chelsea. However, what I did want to kidnap was my friend Terry Prather's fine Camera!!!!
I followed Bills Black SUV all the way into Flemingsburg but they turned off on the by-pass. Word was his SSM decided they didnt have time to stop at the DQ. I went on down to the DQ and waited along with nearly every citizen in Fleming County.

The last pic is Terry's backside, and I think I stepped on his heels......but wow i sure do love that camera!!

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