Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look back at 2010

January found me laid-off once again.
February-Working part-time for Danetta at the Flemingsburg Gazette where I was live on the scene of our first big winter storm of 2010. Photo is of Foxspring Ave. As I fought the wind and the snow, my hat blew off my head and up the street. I felt like the crazy little magician in Frosty the Snowman chasing Frosty's magical hat.

February was also the  month I went to Jail.........well I went to cover the demolition of the Fleming County Jail that is......
March found me chasing the elusive "flasher" never did get his photo.......but oh well probably best we didn't see that one anyway.
April was the month I made a very crazy dash to open my own little Cafe. The Lunch Box was cute dream, but.........Kym is not a business minded person!!!
               May, June, July, was spent trying to run the Lunch Box.................I failed miserably........

Ada Grace turned two in July

In August, my youngest, Emily, started her Senior Year of High School and Natalie and Lee-Roy also went back to school.

                                   October: Fleming County Public Library held Mystery Sleuth's Night!
                        Kym learns how to be a good sleuth at the library. Debbie Crump loaned me her Press Hat.

The Highlight of October was gettin' to cover the very first HoeDown in the Holler........thank you Kimber Goodwin!!

                                           Lee Brice gives Fleming County Fans the thumbs up!
                                      Shane Thompson and Drew Smith wows Fleming County!

                                                     Macy Leigh turns one year old!!

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